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Secure365: Managed Security Services


With technology evolving at a rapid pace, new threats to the security of your organization’s data are emerging all the time. A breach to your network not only compromises proprietary and customer information, it can do serious damage to your reputation and financial status.

Secure365: Managed Security Services gives you the peace of mind that your assets are protected 24x7x365.

Q: Is an effective security posture too costly for you to set up and maintain on your own? 

A: With FishNet Security as your MSS provider, you can avoid upfront investments in hardware and software and utilize our vendor network and service bundles to get the most cost effective solution for your organization.

Q: Does a complex, disparate infrastructure make your network difficult to manage and support? 

A: We can help you set up an integrated network infrastructure that also meets compliance requirements. PLUS our engineers can provide round-the-clock technology support for these technology vendors.

Q: Are your IT resources dedicated to other areas of business, leaving a hole in your network monitoring capabilities? 

A: Let our team of highly trained engineers handle network monitoring and device management so your resources can focus on business-critical and revenue-generating initiatives.


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Our suite of Secure365 services can help you with:


Threat Monitoring

Minimize the amount of time and money spent deploying SIEM by using our 24x7x365 monitoring service ThreatDetect.


Device Management

Optimize your security infrastructure with the technology, services and support of ThreatProtect network device management.


Technology Support

Increase operational efficiency with 24x7x365 multi-vendor, frontline support from our staff of ThreatAssist engineers.


Consulting Services

Recover from security incidents with 24x7x365 ThreatResponse incident response, management, remediation, forensics and eDiscovery.


Our Security Operations Center

By partnering with FishNet Security for managed services, you gain access to our state-of-the-art Security Operations Center (SOC). Staffed with more than 40 of the most highly qualified, certified security engineers in the industry, the SOC constantly protects your business from even the most advanced threats.

  • 80+ highly certified security engineers
  • Over 150 product and industry certifications
  • 1 billion logs processed daily
  • SOC locations in Kansas City and Atlanta
  • 33’3” x 7’ monitoring screen with real-time alerts 
  • Staff on-site 24x7x365
  • Support for industry-leading vendors

Technology Support Vendors: 

  • Blue Coat
  • Check Point
  • F5
  • Fortinet
  • Juniper
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Sourcefire

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