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Leveraging IPAM in your Security Program

Tyler Mullican

Apr 20, 2015

Internet protocol address management (IPAM) is a task often reserved for the networking or telecommunications team, and most security practitioners are unaware of the treasure trove of...

East-West Visibility: Seeing the Peripheral Threats

Tyler Mullican

Apr 16, 2015

Gaining east-west visibility should be considered a strategy conversation and not approached as if purchasing a single point solution.

Adding Context to Policy

Tyler Mullican

Apr 14, 2015

When defining policy in security tools there are often two primary camps individuals fall into; false positive or false negative based policy creation and tuning. Each school of thought has its...

Redirecting to Protocol Handlers


Apr 10, 2015

While it’s important to validate domains on URL redirects against a whitelist, it’s equally important to validate the protocol handlers, or else your redirect may become complicit in an attack...