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Research Centers

Research Centers

With research center investments worth north of seven figures, there can be no doubt that FishNet Security places a premium on staying on the leading edge of technology and research in the information security space. The four research centers described below represent FishNet Security's commitment to staying one step ahead of the bad guys.


Technology Research Center

FishNet Security’s Technology Research Center is designed to be dynamic and scalable -- and able to stay one step ahead of the pace of escalating customer demands and industry norms.

With this dedicated research center, FishNet Security consultants and sales engineers can accommodate proof of concept (PoC), product demos and configuration testing, all while staying true to the “vendor agnostic” philosophy that has made FishNet Security a leader in the industry. The Technology Research Center is constructed of physical equipment, virtual machine deployments and optical communications for rapid setup of lab equipment, and houses vendors such as Palo Alto, Check Point, Juniper, SourceFire, RSA, Blue Coat and Websense, along with a complete McAfee lab infrastructure. Having this level and variety of technology at our disposal gives our clients the benefit of testing multiple vendor products with one VAR at one location.

Incident Response and Forensics Research Center

The FishNet Security Incident Response and Forensics Research Center is an industry-leading 24x7 lab facility focused on digital forensics, incident response/breach investigation and e-discovery cases for clients around the world.

This purpose-built research center is capable of simultaneously processing multiple terabytes of data for e-discovery, digital forensic investigations and incident response cases. The lab is powered by hardware from Juniper, Dell, Digital Intelligence, Netwitness and HP, as well as software tools from Guidance Software, SANS, VMware and AccessData.

Penetration Testing Research Center

The FishNet Security Penetration Testing Center is housed in our premier 24x7 lab facility and is focused on delivering vulnerability scans, analysis and penetration tests for clients around the world to help identify vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructures. Our testing platforms can complete rigorous automated scanning in a fraction of the time that is normally required. The Penetration Testing Center also hosts various testing configurations that enable FishNet Security to accurately replicate customer environments and quickly provide actionable platform-specific recommendations. Finally, our security consultants leverage this technology to research new vulnerabilities and to replicate new types of attacks that are not commonly identified.

The center has the following capabilities:

  • Vulnerability Assessment/Penetration Testing
    Features commercial tools such as Nessus, NeXpose, SAINT and Canvas with open source options such as nmap, Metasploit and others
  • Social Engineering Engagement
    Leverages a custom-built lab to create spear-phishing assessments
  • War Dialing
    Uses commercial and open source tools to conduct war-dialing engagements
  • Password Cracking
    Houses dedicated devices built with the specific purpose of storing rainbow tables to crack many types of password hashes

Support Research Center

FishNet Security created the Support Research Center to limit the burden of risk our clients might otherwise place on their production environments.

With four full-size racks from a variety of vendor platforms, VMware servers and various trunked routers and switches at their disposal, FishNet Security consultants can replicate nearly all of our clients' basic environments. As you can imagine, this is a huge advantage when it comes to diagnosing, troubleshooting and resolving our clients' issues.

The FishNet Security Support Research Center is comprised of the following:

  • Riverbed, Check Point/Nokia, Bluecoat, Juniper, Sun, Cisco, Crossbeam, F5 and RSA appliances
  • Several open servers that house VMware, Linux/Unix and Microsoft AD environments