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News Brief - OpenSSL "Heartbleed" Bug


Apr 14, 2014

The "Heartbleed" bug disclosed on April 7 had serious implications for businesses and consumers alike. Senior Research Analyst Danny Pickens gives us a rundown of the vulnerability and how to...

Security Alert: "Heartbleed" OpenSSL Flatlines

Global Threat Intel Center(gTIC)

Apr 8, 2014

The disclosure of CVE-2014-0160 on 7-Apr-2014 identified a critical vulnerability in OpenSSL’s implementation of the cryptographic services, such as SSL/TLS. The identified vulnerability, when...

Data Loss Prevention - The People, Process & Technology Overlap


Apr 7, 2014

In Part 1 of this DLP blog series, I discussed how the overlap between people and technology is...

From My Perspective: The Need for Strategic Project Management on Large InfoSec Implementations


Apr 4, 2014

For a majority of Information Security professional services engagements, a classical approach to project management suffices to provide tactical, transactional functions and ensures projects are...