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What's Your IPv6 Plan?


Jul 22, 2014

Microsoft announced on June 11 that their supply of US-based IPv4 addresses for their Azure cloud service has run dry. With no more IPv4 addresses available from the American Registry for...

Five Things to Consider for a Successful Intelligence Team - Part 1


Jul 17, 2014

I’ve had the opportunity to travel a bit and “evangelize” about Intelligence - what it is and the basic methodology surrounding it. The “Take Away” portion covers five areas of consideration for...

Application Security by Obscurity


Jul 15, 2014

“Security by obscurity” is a pejorative term to most in the security industry and with good reason. Typically, it’s just a matter of time before light shines on the dark recesses of an obscure...

What Does it Take to be a Modern Incident Responder?


Jul 7, 2014

There is a shortage of qualified incident responders out there, and the time to ramp up and become capable continues to get longer and longer. In fact, the hiring process for bringing people into...